LITE fresh millet batter~900g


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Millets are small-grained cereals. The most important species are pearl milletfoxtail milletproso millet, finger millet, teff, and fonio. Their macro- and micronutrient levels are similar to those of the major cereals. Finger millet is notably rich in calcium. Millets are gluten-free and generally rich in phenolic phytochemicals. Millets are used to produce many traditional food and beverage products, with malting and lactic acid fermentation being common technologies. Processing can greatly affect the nutritional value of millet products. A major agricultural challenge in developing countries is to improve millet yields to the level of other cereals.

Pearl Millet (No Rice)

Ingredients – Water, Pearl Millet, Urad Dal, Fenugreek Seeds, Rice

Ingrediënten – Water, Parelgierst, Urad Dal, Fenegriekzaden, Rijst

Barnyard Millet (No Rice)

Ingredients – Water, Barnyard Millet, Urad Dal, Fenugreek Seeds, Rice

Ingrediënten – Water, Boerenerfgierst, Urad Dal, Fenegriekzaden

Ragi Millet 

Ingredients – Water, Ragi Millet, Rice, Urad Dal, Fenugreek Seeds

Ingrediënten – Water, Ragi Millet, Rijst, Urad Dal, Fenegriekzaden, Rijst

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